Cyber Monitoring, Training, and Consulting

Woodstar Labs provides advanced cyber security services to keep your data and business systems safe. From small companies to government clients, we deliver solutions tailored to your needs.


Premium Services

Woodstar Labs will provide you with the expert cybersecurity services you need to protect and maintain your organization’s cyber infrastructure.


Monitoring & Analysis

Woodstar provides continuous monitoring and near real-time analysis solutions. This enables our customers to efficiently attain network transparency, critical insights, and actionable intelligence. Whether you are a small business, academic institution, or a major corporation, our experts will amplify your existing IT resources. We provide you with the resources you need to keep your organization secure while saving you time and money.


Professional Solutions

Woodstar will prepare your organization with professional training and assessment resources. Woodstar Labs is a Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP), a Licensed Training Provider (LTP), and a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) of the CMMC Advisory Board. We offer everything you need to prepare your personnel and organization for the cyber threats of today, including full CMMC compliance.


Trusted Partner Services

Woodstar offers a broad array of services to support your cybersecurity operations.

  • CISO as a Service (CaaS)
  • Security Risk Management
  • Cyber Project Management
  • Incident Management and Response
  • Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cloud Migration


Why Work With Woodstar Labs

Woodstar Labs offers a wide range of services including cybersecurity architecture design, secure microelectronics, CISO as a service, situational awareness, data agnostic behavioral analytics, and Risk Management. Woodstar’s services have been used to create new secure technologies, monitor election systems, defend microgrids, and provide low cost solutions to academia’s underserved cyber needs.


Our Solution Offerings

Woodstar Nectar

Gain critical insights and visibility into your network with Woodstar’s continuous monitoring & analysis solution, Woodstar Nectar.

CMMC Support

Get a head start on your organization’s path to full CMMC compliance with our suite of professional CMMC services.


Let Woodstar’s experienced cybersecurity professionals guide your security infrastructure, policy, and planning.

In The News

Cybersecurity in a fishbowl: How North Carolina’s Board of Elections handled it

Election security has never been more scrutinized than the 2020 presidential elections. It left election boards fighting not only to protect the election from outside influences but also to justify the legitimacy of their own work.

How would Trump or Biden deal with grid hacking threats?

President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have a few competing plans for the nation’s cybersecurity — though experts say they largely expect the next U.S. president to stay the course.

Why North Carolina outsourced election cybersecurity to a ‘CISO-as-a-service’

Faced with mounting cybersecurity needs headed toward the presidential election, but lacking the financial resources to build out a more robust internal IT staff, the North Carolina State Board of Elections last year hired a third-party vendor to provide the functions of a chief information security officer as a service, rather than an individual official.

Grid Security And Cyber Defense Cannot Fall On Deaf Ears, Experts Warn

If the electrical grid is knocked out for long periods, the damage to the American economy would be insurmountable. And the country’s enemies know that. That is why its brain trust is dedicated to insulating the transmission network from both physical and cyber-attacks.

A Cyber-Risk We’re Not Prepared For: What if the Power Grid Collapsed and America Went Dark?

EVERY CATASTROPHE comes as a shock, but many shouldn’t come as a surprise. Just as we knew a pandemic was a possibility yet failed to plan for it, power-grid collapse is a threat we should be prepared for — but aren’t.

Grid security group calls for declassified threat information, new federal agency focused on resilience

As attempts to disrupt the power grid become more sophisticated, NCGR’s analysis views this as a necessary tradeoff to better inform the industry of the growing threat.

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